5 tips for great online event registration forms

Formogram makes it easy to create and share beautiful online forms for everything from advanced event sign registrations to simple contact forms. How you design the form and the fields you decide to add to it will make or brake the success of the form in terms of new entries.

Here we have assembled 5 simple rules to keep your online forms for invitations on the path of high quality and ease of use for the people signing up to your awesome event.

1. Start your invitation with a short teaser.

The first three sentences of your invitation is the most important when it comes to making the visitor interested. Make sure that the top content includes short powerful text that makes the visitor want to know more and read on.

2. Include video if possible

If possible, it is often very rewarding to  include a video,  for example from earlier events at the start of the call. Videos always get a lot of attention, and in this case may make the participant more than interested in participating in the upcoming event.

3. Hold the details short and accurate

Another very important feature is the presentation of the important information such as date and time, location, possible costs, special information, etc.

Keep this information is slightly separated from the initial text so that you can clearly see these details even if you quickly glance through invitation. Unclear details of your event allows participants uncertain and likely results in a loss of response.

If you have a need to provide more detail about your event, so such agenda, programs, etc., so it is a good idea to put out this information outside the invitation, and then link into the article or document in the invitation. 

Too much information in the registration process can make the participant submits notice before he came down to the form. View the highlights of the program in the invitation, rather than all the details right away.

 5. Do not forget to inform about offers, etc.

If you will offer food, giveaways, seminars etc. so make sure it is clear in the notification. Such deals are very effective in getting more participants to your event. 

Take the opportunity to share a few of the things or experiences that participants will have and tell a few “surprises” to further enhance expectations.

That’s it!

Good luck with planning your next event.

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