Thursday, 10 October, 2019

We recently released a new version of Formogram where, among other things, we have updated the handling of incoming responses, increased security around the storage of your information, and also added a few new useful features requested by our users.

Write your own subject line in email confirmations

One requested feature has been that you want to be able to specify your own subject line for email confirmations that are sent to respondents of your forms when the email confirmations are enabled. This is now possible!
If no subject line is specified, email confirmations will be sent in exactly the same way as before.

Send with larger files

With this version of Formogram, respondents can now include significantly larger files than before in their entries if the file upload field is included in the form. Uploading files is very useful when, for example, Formogram is used to receive reports of various types where images or other files are an important part of the information.

Increased security

We have also increased security in how we store the information saved in Formogram by our users as well as the responses received from public forms. We are constantly working on improvements in this area, and we have several improvements in upcoming versions of Formogram.


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